There are many different reasons for you to have a website.

  • You may want to advertise your business.
  • You may wish to sell your merchandise.
  • Sending out a newsletter or start a blog may be the purpose.
  • You may wish to have people sign up to your site so that you can target interested people and manage your customers.

You get the idea, there are many uses for a website.

Why have a website?

Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to get ahead of their competitors. Office based businesses have known for a long time that they really need a web presence to compete. As time goes on, it is becoming necessary for any business to display their wares via the internet.

For those that don’t have a web site, not only are they failing to take advantage of the web as an advertising space, but they will be judged by some as being behind the times. As we all know, first impressions count and the ability to give a good impression is important. If you don’t have a web presence, you will not be contactable by a professional looking email address. You may have an email address like ‘’ or ‘’, but these service provider based addresses give little confidence to the customer that you are serious about email communications as a business.

Why pay for a website?

Some businesses build their own websites using simple ‘out of the box’ web design packages. Whilst these give a web presence and can produce some quick results, they so often portray an amateur image. This is not so much because the tools are poor, but because the person using them doesn’t have the necessary skills to design and build a professional site. Whilst it is important to have a web presence, it is also important to make sure that your website doesn’t give an amateur image. We are able to gauge what level of web site is most suitable to your business, your budget and your aspirations. We can put together a progression plan from a simple advertising website through to a fully functioning ordering site where your customers order work or products on-line and track progress on-line.

What type of site?

A website that advertises your company is really just the start. We will all be familiar with companies like Amazon, Ebay, Tesco etc. Their websites are more than advertising. They allow you to order goods, place bids, look up your account details and more. You may want to take orders through your website. You may wish to give promotional offers to potential customers, send out a newsletter, advertise your charitable donations or any number of other extra functions. The limit really is your imagination. At Technically High, we can help you with these ideas, right from concept to delivery. Give us the germ of an idea and what you want to achieve and we will help you obtain the final product.

What next?

If you think that this make sense, then call us and we can discuss your requirements. If you have decided that you may want to venture into having a website for your business, call or email us using the details on our contacts page. We would love to help you achieve whatever level of web presence you think is appropriate. We will be able to help you to decide what is the best course of action and we will definitely only work on your requirements and goals. Call us for a chat. We have no aggressive sales people and we take all levels of project seriously.